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Birthday Bashes at Amp Room

Birthday Bashes at Amp Room


August 13th, 2016


SAAOMT-San Antonio All Original Musical Talents Presents…

Join us for an electrifying night of rock and metal with San Antonio’s premier rockers “The Mighty Seance” and “The Suss” with out out-of-town favorites “Anchor Babies” from Corpus!

We’re celebrating 3… yes 3… birthdays! Seance’s own Robert “Master Blaster” Perez’s better half Elida Perez, Seance’s Reuben “The Bassmiester” Hernandez, and one of our biggest supporter and beloved friend Karen Browder, all have birthday’s around this date, and we’re honored that they decided to celebrate with US!


Did we mention there is NO COVER? That’s right! NO COVER! FREE! ZERO! NADA! ZILTCH!

So come join Seance’s Birthday Bash as we rock the joint with The Suss and Anchor Babies! This is going to be an awesome show you won’t want to miss. Oh, don’t forget, IT’S FREE!!!!!!

The Suss 10-11
Seance 11;15-12;15
Anchor Babies 12:30-1;30


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