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Events Are Good Reminders


June 8th, 2016


Musicians, who has an upcoming show? How many of you have created the most excellent flyer that you shared numerous times on social media. Many fans liked and commented your posts. You were sure that you were going to have one fantastic turnout! The night of the show comes, and a total of 10 people come to see your show. You don’t understand what happened. There were at least 80 “likes” and even a few shares on your posts! It is irrelevant how many headbangers are in attendance, the show must go on!

Life can get crazy and it’s very easy to forget stuff.

Pretend for a minute we have a chap named Joe who is a fan of Band A and Band B, and if given a choice between the two, he’d prefer to see Band A. Fictional Sue has never heard of Band B, but she follows Band A with a passion. Both acts are playing the same night but at different venues. Band A followed the aforementioned example to a T. Band B followed those steps also plus an additional step of creating an event and inviting their friends. Joe has commented on a few posts from Band A. He was invited to the show for Band B via a Facebook event. Joe always selects “maybe” or “going” (unless he is certain he won’t be able to attend) to ensure he has a reminder. Sue is excited about Band A’s upcoming show, and is sure to tell the band.

The day of the show arrives.

Sue’s had a one of those hectic days where one thing after another arises, and you’re lucky to still be breathing at the end of he day. She is finally home and able to unwind. She logs into Facebook, but with all the other posts from her 2,000 friends, she misses the one from Band A reminding her to go jam. Sue kicks her heels off, makes herself comfy on the couch, and settles into a good movie.  After the day she had, a night out would have done her good.

Joe’s been at work all day. When he gets off he checks in on Facebook where the event for Band B pops up. “That’s right,” Joe thinks, “I’ve got a show to go to!” He gathers a few of his buddies together, and heads out for a night of live music where they mingle with a bunch of other patrons. Joe completely forgot he had another option.

Meanwhile, Band A starts to play to their crowd of roughly twenty people. The one constant at their shows is standing by the stage banging his head to an original tune. The musician’s momentum is hard to keep but they trudge on. Playing to anyone is better than playing to no one. Right?

Granted, most die hard fans will etch a show date in their memory. That doesn’t mean, however, they won’t forgot due to a frenzied day or just not realizing it is “that day”. That minute it took to create an event, could be more worth is than you can imagine!

For more feedback on what may be hurting turnouts at your shows, stay tuned for my next blog post.


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