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Unity At the ERMC Rock-n-Roll Fan Fair

Unity At the ERMC Rock-n-Roll Fan Fair


April 20th, 2016


I recently hosted a meet and greet at the Redeye Saloon (inside the Eisenhauer Road Market Center). I tagged it “The ERMC Fan Fair II – Rock n Roll Edition”. In all I had scheduled 11 acts to attend, the singers of two of the acts were also in an group together creating 12 artist who would be represented. Four of the acts were signed up to perform. Two of the bands did not make it, but that didn’t put a damper on the festivities.

The idea was for the musicians to meet new fans, sign autographs, and be able to sell their merchandise without the normal cost of vending at the market. But then something incredible happened. The different musical acts embraced each other, many meeting for the first time. They bought each other’s merch. For one day, they were one. There was no competition. There was no, “I’m better than you.” There was only unity.

I have to admit, I’ve been fortunate enough to surround myself with supportive musicians – most of whom lift each other up, and treat others as equals.

In attendance that day were members of Even In Death, Séance, Forever Town, Odometer, Skeleton Creek, The Steel Soldiers, Trisha Lynn, Red I.V., and The Suss.

A few bandmates from Odometer, Mark & Brian, sat in the back area with guitars, strumming and ready to teach the general public a thing or two about the craft. This prompted other musicians, like Corey of Red I.V. to join in the fun.

Speaking of Odometer, the crew had a pop-up fundraiser for the battered women’s shelter, and requested everyone pitch in a buck for the cause. And everyone did! Proof that we had in our midst more than just great musicians, but good humans, too:)

Live performances started with the lovely Trisha Lynn, sweetheart of the ERMC. A few folks were witnessing her powerful vocals for the first time. She never disappoints. Trisha also served as our MC for the Fan Fair, and did an outstanding job introducing the acts. Trisha even sang an extra set, just because.

Sean Nations gave a moving speech about supporting one another and bringing San Antonio back to it’s Rock n Roll, Metal Capital of the World greatness we once held. I’ve heard references to his dialogue a few times since that day.

We had a special guest in our midst, Alfred from Year of the Snake. He made a brief introduction as well, sharing some of the same basic philosophies as Sean; inviting everyone to return the Redeye Saloon April 2nd for the first rock show which included his band and another San Antonio original artist, Valyrian.

The crowd enjoyed an original acoustic set by The Suss’ Albert & Richard, our second performers of the day. Hard work pays off… The guys did an excellent job! I loved their acoustic version of “Believe” most of all!

This brings me to performer number three. I remember wishing that Forever Town and Odometer weren’t planning to leave at 4pm because they’d miss Skeleton Creek. I really wanted everyone I knew to know what I did – this isn’t your normal two-piece acoustic act. Skeleton Creek is phenomenal!

As luck would have it, no one left early. I sat at my table I’d set up with the sound, and watched happily as people danced to the hypnotic sounds of Michael and Alfred. There was talk by various bands of putting the twosome in a show with them, and low & behold, Forever Town has done just that! I had the same thought on numerous occasions. I could be a little sad it wasn’t me who added them to their first big show, but I’m not. I am excited for Skeleton Creek! (By “big”, I mean with bands, and not acoustic type acts. They often play in the Yard at Fitzgerald’s for me, and I’ve always wanted to find a good fit to place them on the main stage.)

Nacho, of the mighty Seance, had to work earlier in the day, but he made it there before the festivities ended. Veterans Bob and Nacho told the interesting tale of Seance, and gave encouragement to the younger generation in attendance..

Motto of the fan fair was clearly: SUPPORT EACH OTHER!

The day came to a close after a somewhat humorous & whimsical set by Steelynn, composed of Trisha Lynn and Supe Steel of the Steel Soldiers. Two dynamos competing for the top vocal spot! Well, it sure seems that way sometimes when they sing together.

All in all, we had 9 acts and the comradery felt throughout the Redeye Saloon that day can still be felt in the numerous photos circulating on Facebook. We intend to do it again someday. As Albert sings, you only have to belie-e-e-eve, you only have to believe.

*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*CATCH THE ARTIST AT UP COMING SHOWS*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*

►Even In Death opening for Blue Oyster Cult April 22, 2016
Even In Death w/ Blue Oyster Cult & Mindcrime!
►Forever Town & Skeleton Creek May 7, 2016 at Forever Town “ROCK RITUAL”
►Odometer, Red I.V., Even In Death, + more May 7, 2016 at Cinco De Mayo Heavy Metal Conjunto Fest
►Seance, Forever Town, and Worst Case Scenario open for JESSIKILL May 13, 2016 at Metal Knights JESSIKILL Hit Fitzgerald’s

Be sure to follow the events section on the bands’ Facebook pages for more great shows to see!


  1. Skeleton Creek says:

    You are amazing Sharon!
    You do so much for the music scene and work extremely hard with all your heart.

    Thank you so much mama,

    Skeleton Creek

  2. Gina Ann says:

    Sharon your words are inspiring everything you do and say is always with so much passion, I love it! The San Antonio Music Scene is lucky to have you.

  3. Trisha Lynn says:

    I’m so blessed to have met so many amazing people with tremendous talent! Looking forward to seeing everyone again really soon❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Trisha Lynn

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